Flange Block Bearings

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A flange bearing is a type of mounted bearing in which the mounted shaft runs perpendicular to the mounting surface and the center line of the mounting holes. This is in contrast to a pillow block bearing, in which the mounted shaft runs parallel to the mounting surface.

Flange bearings consist of a flanged housing and an insert bearing. The housing is typically made from cast iron or cast steel while the bearing can be made from a wide variety of materials.They are available in a variety of materials, mounting configurations and various bearing features. Each mounted unit, including a mounted bearing, acts as a system to position the bearing securely for reliable operation. Read more about each type of pillow block bearing using the links below.

Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
QM INDUSTRIES QVFYP11V050SM Flange Block Bearings LSM50BXHG LSM50BX 50 mm 4.3 in
QM INDUSTRIES QVVF19V304SN Flange Block Bearings 32.2 1.49 3.3125 in H924000
QM INDUSTRIES QVVF16V215SN Flange Block Bearings 4000 rpm Round 782475984862 Yes
QM INDUSTRIES QVF16V300SN Flange Block Bearings 0.0055 in 1200 rpm 1600 rpm Metric
QM INDUSTRIES QAAFL15A070SC Flange Block Bearings 55300 N 8500 rpm 4900 rpm 35.000 mm
QM INDUSTRIES QVVC26V408SET Flange Block Bearings 4.4 mm 52000 rpm 312 N 91000 rpm
QM INDUSTRIES QVFY26V407SET Flange Block Bearings Std Retainer Set Screw Baldor-Dodge Standard
QM INDUSTRIES QVVFB17V211SO Flange Block Bearings 7.00 mm 4800 N 84000 rpm 55000 rpm
QM INDUSTRIES QVFB20V303SEO Flange Block Bearings 95.0000 mm 7400 rpm 1.00 mm 27000 N
QM INDUSTRIES QVFB22V312SEO Flange Block Bearings METRIC 15.000 mm 0.3 1.95
QM INDUSTRIES QVFB17V070SEO Flange Block Bearings 4.9 in 0.0055 1.28 in 86600 lb
QM INDUSTRIES QVFB17V211SEO Flange Block Bearings 3200 rpm 2.00 mm 2200 rpm 3800 rpm